Congregational Discovery

Overview: Congregational Discovery is a three-month process of deep listening, accomplished through an agreement between a congregational leadership body and Church Innovations. It is a self-study of your local church that is beneficial to planning the congregation’s future and renewing your focus on God’s mission in the world. In the process, Church Innovations trains five or six Listening Leaders from your congregation, who each interview four or five fellow members using eight questions. The interview results are compiled by Church Innovations into a report that is first shared with the Listening Leaders and then with congregational leadership. Congregational Discovery usually precedes a larger body of work in the congregation, but it can be done as a stand-alone project.

Getting Started: Download, read and share with others the additional resources provided at right. To learn more, contact us at, or by phone at (651) 644-3653 or (888) 223-7631.

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Additional Congregational Discovery Resources:

    Tri-fold Congregational Discovery brochure