Church Innovations' Consulting Services

What is unique to Church Innovations’ consulting approach?

  • Every process used is built on a solid theological base
  • Time is spent “Dwelling in the Word”…allowing God’s word to transform
  • The primary question built into every process used is “What is God up to here?”
  • Processes used are interactive and fluid, not fixed programs designed for fixed results
  • Every situation is unique, so careful listening and relationship building are essential first building blocks in our work
  • We develop a partnership with you…understanding our primary role to be “increasing your congregations’ capacities to be renewed for God’s mission”
  • Processes used are built on over 20 years of research and work with individual congregations and the mid-level church bodies that support them
  • Processes are redesigned as needed to meet particular needs
  • Many processes used expose our partners to Church Innovations’ dynamic and growing research data base called Church FutureFinder
  • We have a team of Christ-centered consultants from a variety of denominational backgrounds and areas of expertise trained to partner with you as you journey to discern God’s preferred and promised future
  • All of our consultants (and the Church Innovations staff) have experience with and a heart for the missional church movement

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