Thriving in Change - TiC

Overview: Thriving in Change (TiC) is a process of deep listening, theological reflection, and spiritual discernment that becomes a set of habits for faith based conversations on tough issues. Please visit the separate Thriving in Change website for much more infomation about this process.

Audience: Persons within congregations or leaders of larger church bodies looking for effective processes for their church body (as well as others such as local community members) to speak and listen to one another and discern their way forward on difficult issues – especially around change!

Benefits: TiC training leads to:

  • Habits for small groups to pray and discern together
  • Discovering and growing biblical and theological imaginations
  • Effective listening and talking
  • Exploring issues through Scripture and tradition, society and culture, and personal and communal experience with an issue.

Success Stories: Click here to read testimonials about the TiC process.

Time and Resources: Thriving in Change is a one-day workshop attended by a Church Innovations trainer and as many stake-holders of the church body as possible. A video guide and on-going support material is available. Your congregation will be equipped to use the process in on going conversations to develop new habits for healthy conversations.

Getting Started: Download, read and share with others the additional resources provided at right. To learn more, contact us at, or by phone at (651) 644-3653 or (888) 223-7631.

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