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Church Innovations is a non-profit organization devoted to renewing the Church’s focus on God’s mission in the world. Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and wholly committed to following God’s leading for every congregation, we provide research and consulting tools, products and processes that increase your church’s capacities to experience God’s renewal and transformation.

Our work crosses denominational and geographical lines and is grounded in two decades of research. Over the years we have worked with more than 1,000 congregations, 75 national and mid-governing bodies, and two dozen denominations in seven countries and across all 50 United States.

    Partnership for Missional Church   Church Innovations' flagship consulting service, Partnership for Missional Church, is an intensive three year journey of spiritual discernment that empowers churches worldwide to respond to God’s mission. PMC takes local congregations on a journey of discovering God’s specific call to them for moving beyond doing mission to being missional in attitude, vision and action. Some congregations choose to enter into an optional 4th year for additional learning, discernment and practice.  
    Church FutureFinder   Church FutureFinder is an on-line resource for congregational discovery used by individual congregations, seminaries, PMC clusters and congregation researchers.  
    Congregational Discovery   Congregational Discovery is a three-month process of deep listening, accomplished through an agreement between a congregational leadership body and Church Innovations. It is a self-study of your local church that is beneficial to planning the congregation’s future and renewing your focus on God’s mission in the world.  
    Staff Covenanting   Staff Covenanting is a guided discernment process in which your staff explores, affirms and leverages their individual and corporate gifts to be in alignment with the missional vocation of your church body.  
    Thriving in Change   Thriving in Change is a theologically based process that teaches participants a set of habits which can be employed to engage church bodies in faith based conversations on difficult issues.  

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