Staff Covenanting

Overview: Staff Covenanting is a guided discernment process in which your staff explores, affirms and leverages their individual and corporate gifts to be in alignment with the missional vocation of your church body.

Audience: Staff covenanting is appropriate for regional church body staff as well as staff for congregations of all sizes. In a modified form it is included in the third phase of the Partnership for Missional Church process.

Benefits: Experienced consultants will assist your staff in focusing on the very important part they play in fulfilling the missional vocation of your church body. The process nearly always unleashes energy and excitement, and sometimes tension and conflict, all of which is managed as a positive force for change. Through the process the staff discovers support, acknowledges its interdependence, and becomes accountable to one another and to its role in your church body’s missional vocation.

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Time and Resources: Staff Covenanting is a two-part process. Part one consists of a two-day retreat with Church Innovations consultants and the entire church body staff. Mission, vision, plan of action, and covenant is discussed, and homework is assigned. Part two consists of a two-day retreat (same persons present) where homework is shared, gifts for ministry are celebrated, a picture of accountability and responsibility is drawn, and all of the work is synthesized into one staff covenant. The time required is approximately 6 – 12 weeks dependent upon availability of staff. This process (in a modified form) is included in the Third Phase of the Partnership for Missional Church.

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